1. st Bursa Marble Blok Fair 2015

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1. st Bursa Marble Blok Fair 2015

Bursa Marble Blok Fair 2015 Marble Block and Construction Machinery Fair will be organized by Tuyap Bursa Fairs Organization Inc. in cooperation with MADSİAD (Mining Marble Manufacturers and Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association)) in support Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry between November 25-28 , 2014 at Bursa International Fair and Congress Center .

Efendioğlu: “The Fair Anticipated by the Mining Industry is finally Materializing”

Erol Efendioğlu, MADSIAD’s Chairperson of the Board of Directors, evaluated the state of the industry as follows: “Marble Block makes up 20 percent of our mineral export profits. Also, our block marble export volume of 6,000,000 tons makes us the number one provider in the world. The marble block industry, an important cornerstone of our mining industry, needed such a fair. What is more interesting is the fact that the Marble Block Fair will be the first of its kind in the world. I believe that this fair will address a significant shortcoming and attract considerable attention from the international natural stone industry.

And I would also like the opportunity to address a misconception that falsely accuses us of exporting our blocks unprocessed. Our total raw and processed block marble export numbers 8,000,000 tons, only 2,000,000 tons of which can be processed by our presently available marble factories. The remaining, unprocessed 6 million tons are sold in block form. We should be thankful that we can find markets to sell them to. I am stunned at these unmerited accusations regarding our block sales, especially in light of Spain and Italy’s determined drive to take over our market share, which they covet. They better come up with an alternative regarding these 6,000,000 tons of unprocessed marble at our hands since our current installed capacity, the total number of factories we have been able to build throughout the Republic’s history speak for themselves…”

Ersözlü: “The Bursa Marble Block Fair will be a Breath of Fresh Air for the Industry”

TÜYAP Bursa Fairs General Manager Ilhan Ersözlü stated “Industrial and technological developments have diversified needs and increased the demand for natural resources day-by-day. As a result, minerals need to be processed to meet these demands. Minerals need to be processed at their point of origin, distinguishing them from other industries which have a chance to relocate. Turkey, possessing 30 percent of the world’s marble reserves, is a mineral-rich country.”

Turkey’s natural stone industry holds an important place in the world thanks to product diversity, reserves, an abundance of raw materials, a dynamic industry structure, maritime and other varieties of transport methods and their convenience, lucrative state incentives, and competitive taxations.

Marble is the most consumed natural stone. Turkey has a variety of marble reserves that come in 650 different colors, patterns and quality levels, beginning with one of the first birth places of the marble industry, the Island of Marmara and Thrace within the Marmara region, followed by the Aegean and Eastern Anatolia regions.

In industrial jargon, the term “marble” is used to designate any kind of block shaped, attractive looking stone that shines when cut and polished. Marble, excavated in block shapes, is put to use after undergoing various processing methods. Formerly used extensively in artistic fields thanks to its durable and aesthetic qualities, marble’s use has extended to include various other fields, primarily in the construction industry and as a decorative material.

Unlike other industry fairs, Bursa’s Marble Block Fair aims to pioneer a first not only in Turkey but also in the whole world by exhibiting thousands of block marbles and by bringing together hundreds of manufacturers.  Bursa Marble Block Fair, is planned to be held in a 40,000 m2 indoor area composed of seven different halls that will host hundreds of manufacturing companies and attract important industry representatives from Turkey as well as abroad.

Aimed at Turkey’s marble industry which is composed of around 2,100 quarries, over 1,500 factories, and around 7,500 workshops operating in our country, the fair is organized to directly contribute to the economy and the manufacturing industry. Turkey will use this fair and its own untapped marble reserves to attract attention to the industry and act as a natural causeway between East and West, thanks to its location that connects Asia and Europe.

Scope of  the Fair; Naturel Stones, Marble Block, Limestone, Onyx, The Other Naturel Stones, Construction Machinery, Related Associations and Publications are included.

The Fair will be open to the visitors from 11:00 to 19:30 between November  25-28, 2015. Hoping to see you at Bursa Marble Blok Fair.