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Ship Chartering & Brokering

About Chartering team and activities,

Gemline invites you an amazing world of Shipping with a succesfull team who each one experienced in their branch over than 30 years in the Shipping Market..

We always a standart showing a high quality performance during chartering of your cargoes and/or vessels all around the world.

Our best focus area in days to create new shipments/new fixtures from China to WW.We carry your goods/we fixed your Ships and we connect both to mutual agrement and benefit for each parties.

From past,we are exclusive broker of one of the leader group in Turkiye for pulp shipments specially from Spain to our waters and sometimes from Far east to Turkiye.

You can bring your cargoes to our hands with an utmost care,fast shipment and reasonable numbers of Freight..

At least,we always interest to carry heavy cargoes,sole and part cargoes,under/on deck,oversized cargoes with a close MPP Owners…

We are strong team and we are ready to serve for you..Always at your disposal..

Lets fix together!

Gsm 0 532 474 86 48

Gsm 0 541 644 41 14
Mr Mustafa Kerem SEÇ
Gsm 0 507 747 11 49

Gemlik Port Branch Office:

Gemlik Port Branch Office  Ata Mah 110 nolu sok No 16 Daire 1 (Gemsaz Mevkii) Gemlik/Bursa

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